Notice warning The Intermediate guide is extremely out of date.
Soccer Spirits Korean Trailer

Soccer Spirits Korean Trailer


(H3R0's Intermediate Guide modified by AKingFisher)

I go by H3R0 with a 3 and a 0. Ahem! Anyway, I consider myself to be an average player who prefers to collect and evolve cards, rather than try to make the best team and rank high in PvP and Colosseum of Despair.

Here are some of the basics and things you might have overlooked. Use ctrl F, then in the find, search for what you need from the table of contents.

Table of Contents 1. Stamina mode (ST 1 every 5min) a) story mode -free mode quests (scout/sponsors/trainers) b) space time continuum -penguin schedule -energy ball expert -rainlover -evolution material

2. Collesseum of Despair (BP 1 every 3min) a) regular stages b) champion stages c) tips

3. Galaxy League (battle ball 1 every 30min) a) League reward, how to maximize rewards

4. Training/Evolving/Sell

5. Manage/Draw/Shop

6. General tips and missing info

Stamina (ST) modesEdit

A) LeagueEdit

League is the only playable mode that you start with. It is recommended to play League to obtain the free crystals that come from completing each set of 3 matches.

In League matches there is a small chance a 3* player will drop, and in Challenge Mode there is a small chance of getting a 4* one.

Notable Free Mode Mission Reward:

Ch.1-Encounter 1-2: Eugene. Her MAX cost increase is extremely helpful for when your team cost is over the limit.

Metro Leauge Minor League 1-14: Lohengrin. A sponsor. If you don't have a sponsor already, this should be your go to.

Huge Conspiracy 2-18: Clair. Her max BP helps later when you can easily complete Despair stages, plus 3 St is better then 3 BP

Start of the Soccer War 3-18: Mumu. Her active skill is OK (3 BP) however her passive (+5 to power & stamina) is one of the best buffs until you are really high level and don't need it, or you find a better 5 star trainer.

Sorvine 5-18: AU71 Caron. Gives 150 FP and makes you 5% more likely to find a special card when scouting. That means you'll be seeing more penguins/swirlies/gatekeepers and less player cards. You may want to replace him as soon as possible because of that. However, his free FP is still nice early on for the random items, players and training/upgrading material you can get from Friendship Draws. And really, unless you've got enough GP for a 5-star player (1600), what's the rush?

B) Space Time ContinuumEdit

Penguin Matches:
The schedule for penguin matches can be found here.
It's highly recommended that you do these matches as penguins are the primary source of experience in Soccer Spirits.

Elemental Matches:
These matches award Elementals that are used for Evolution. The higher the difficulty of the match the better the chances are of getting a 5* Elemental. It is still possible to get a 5* Elemental from the easiest match, but it will take some grinding to get one.
NOTE: Gatekeepers will sometimes drop from these matches, but the drop rate is almost non-existent so don't go farming for Gatekeepers if you are starting out.

The Attribute of the Elemental is determined by the day of the week. Starting on Monday and going to Friday the attributes are as follows:

Dark -> Ardor -> Thunder -> Whirlwind -> Light

Rival Matches:
Rival matches are extremely important to new players, they provide the necessary power in order to be able to compete at a higher level. If you are a free player (non-cash player) it is highly recommended that you farm Rivals... eventually. But be careful, because this can boost your level too much and leave you fighting more difficult opponents in the Galaxy Arena than you are able to take on. Each Rival will last 2 weeks and a new Rival will be introduced every week. There is a total of 4 Rivals released each season. There are three possible matches to choose from in a Rival match. The higher the difficulty the higher the chance of getting the Rival player. Not all Rivals are considered (by many) to be useful.
If you are doubtful about whether a Rival is worth farming for, please use the available resources given to you (Reddit, forums, Wikia).
Note: An evolved 4* player that is max superbed will usually have stats equal to (or better) than an unevolved 5* player with no superb. This does not include that fact that a maxed superbed player also has an additional 5 skills points (one extra skill point per superb), making them even better in many cases.

Boss Matches:
There are two different boss matches to consider: weekdays and weekends.
Generally on the weekdays the Boss Match you will see are against the "minions" of the boss and winning the match will award you Boss Points. Boss Points are used in the Scout Menu on the Season Scout tab, and can be used to obtain the boss, a 3* Gatekeeper, 6* Penguin, 4* Penguin, 5* Swirly, 4* Swirly.
Weekend boss matches are extremely hard and will be impossible for new players. You will need at least a Team Ability of 5500 to even have a shot of winning on the easiest difficulty.
But it should still possible for new players to be able to get a copy of the boss should you have a team ability of ~2500. However, I would not recommended grinding Boss Points to get a copy of the boss (and a lot of veteran players will agree as well) this early on. New players are not encouraged to farm for the boss (1200 points) because the ST use is better of elsewhere.

Weekend Matches (Swirlies): Completely worthless, never waste your time or ST on these if you are starting out or even if you have been playing for a while. The whole point of the weekend matches is to allow you to farm for Swirlies. Each Swirly cost 10,000 (if I recall correctly) to use as fodder, that is A LOT of gold. 5* Swirlies are the best but the drop rates for them are abysmal. That being said, even for veteran players, Weekend Matches are a waste of ST. If you want a 5* Swirlies (for evolution) it is better to scout them, unless you have the ST and dedication to grind Swirly matches hoping for a 5* Swirly of the correct attribute or 5 4* Swirlies of the correct attribute.

Colosseum of DespairEdit

Welcome to the Colosseum of Despair! Here you will battle against your opponent. You will fight for Glory and Ranks. Should you win you will gain even more Glory and the attention of stronger foes. Will you be the unlucky fool to face the Champion!? But fret not should you prevail in your attempts against the champion you will attract new followers. But should you fall in combat no one will judge your pitiful defeat.

Cool intro aside :D
The Colosseum requires the use of BP. Each match requires 10BP and as you win your matches you will encounter stronger teams. There will be occasions when you will fight against a Champion team. This is denoted by usual blue screen being colored red. Champion teams are a lot harder, but if you can win a match you will be rewarded with 5GP and a 3* Player or Elizabeth. Even if you lose the champion match they will disappear, so early on it's worth fighting them and losing just to get back to the regular matches. The normal matches will only give GP if you win. The amount of GP is set per every 10 matches.
Match 1 to 10 gives 2GP
Match 11-20 gives 3GP
Match 21-30 gives 4GP
Match 31-40 gives 5GP
Match 41-50 gives 6GP (I'm guessing on this).

Colosseum also has a ranking system where the higher your rank by the end of the week the better your reward. Ranking is based on the highest floor you have reached. Should you reach the same floor as someone else you rank is then determined based on the total points you have earned.
For instance, you reached the 20th floor but you only have 100,000 points. You rank is higher than everyone else that has not reached the 20th floor, regardless of if they have more point then you. But for everyone else that is on the 20th floor your rank is then further determined by the points you have. So your rank will be lower than those who have greater then 100,000 points but higher than those who have less than 100,000 points.

Galaxy LeagueEdit

Galaxy League Tournament:
Before the implementation of the Galaxy Arena, the Galaxy League Tournament was the only place to use those soccer balls you see in the upper middle part of the main menu
The Tournament is AI controlled. Your team PVP team is put up against other player's PVP team. The benefits of doing Galaxy Tournament is farming for spirit stones. Galaxy League is the best place to farm for spirit stones and should find yourself ranking pretty high you can also be awarded a 5* player at the end of the season. You can also get GP and gold for winning.
The drawback of doing Galaxy Tournament is that it costs 3GP after the daily free reset, and is AI controlled. The AI is retarded and makes EVERYONE rage at the game, does not matter who you are, you will be pissed off at the AI (changes to AI are planning on coming soon).

Your opponents is based on your own personal level and league. If you're starting out in this game you will also play against players that are the same level as you. If you are Rank 80 you will play against other that are around Rank 80. Should you move into the next league (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, Galaxy) you will only play against players in that league.

Galaxy Arena:
The Galaxy Arena is the best place to farm for GP. You can manually control your team here. The only drawback of the Galaxy Arena is that it doesn't let you rank for the 5* player award at the end of the season. Like the Tournament your opponents is based off of your level. And occasionally your tournament league will also be calculated in as to who you will be fighting against.

It's worth noting that all heals will be significantly reduced in both the Galaxy League Tournament and the Galaxy Arena. That means just because a strategy works in the Colosseum of Despair doesn't mean it will work here.


Superb power up requires the same card or Littre. Each Superb increases your player's Primary Stat by 10% of the base and gives one skill point.

Swirlies give a % upgrade chance to enhance a card, Make sure you're going to use this card for a long time/endgame before using your swirlies. 120 is the max and +30 to each stat. Also the stat given is random but the total will always be +30 to each stat.

Penguins give a lot of exp

3 star 7210 (8652 same color 20% boost)

4 star 12010 (14412, same color 20% boost)

5 star 40010 (48,012 same color 20% boost)

3 star kuma 3 star 320,010 exp

5 star kuma 1,000,000 (1,200,000 same color 20% boost)


Note when you evolve a card that has a superb power up, it passes the superb power up, meaning a 4* card with 3 superb power-up evolves into a 5* with 3 superb power-ups.


It's usually best to sell all duplicate 2* players and 3* players (unless you are just starting the game).

I'd recommend you buy a decent amount of inventory space so it's easier to store various cards. Plus it's a relief not to have to empty out your inventory every day.


I swap managers a lot because of the various effects. One for the stat boost to players, the other for the exp, and the last one when I go to sleep for the higher max BP and +3 st.

Every 2 hours you get one free refresh. You can also spend 15k gold to refresh, but this is not recommended.

You can increase the number of scouting options from three to five at the cost of some crystals. It's worth doing, but not until you have at least enough GP to buy a 5 star player (1600 GP).

Scouting prices range from 5 GP (penguins) to 1800 GP (end-game managers).

It's not generally worth the GP to scout anything less than a 5 star player. Specifically, focus on scouting a striker and a goalie since they're so valuable early on.

There are also two end-game managers to look out for: Lucy and Gerold. Both are fantastic, especially Lucy. Scout them if you see them.

SCOUT THE LITTRES. EVERY TIME YOU SEE A LITTRE YOU SCOUT IT OR YOU'LL BE KICKING YOURSELF LATER. He's the best gatekeeper in the game and lets you superb your high level cards without having to find a duplicate. This is invaluable for Legendary cards since they're practically impossible to get. So SCOUT THE LITTRES and SAVE THEM FOR THE LATE GAME ONCE YOU HAVE END-GAME PLAYERS.

Oh, and if you see a player that you want but don't yet have the GP, you can press the little lock in the upper right part of their picture to hold them there until the scout reset at the end of the week (it costs some crystals to do this). This lets you keep refreshing without losing the opportunity to scout that player.

You can see the basic version of cards you don't have and evolved versions if you have the cards. This includes all the cards released in-game so far. This is helpful for deciding what to spend your GP on.

Crystal Draw:

Also known as Event Draw. This gives you a higher chance of an ultra rare (5 star) and super rare (4 star) with a tiny chance of a legendary (6 star). Always save up for the 10+1 draw for maximum efficiency. The players you see on the main Event Draw screen are more common for that week. It's worth saving your crystals if you're looking for a specific player.

Friendship Draw:

You won't get as much value out of this draw, but you'll be able to use it a lot more often because FP are easier to acquire than crystals. It gives low level players and random items like swirlies, penguins, and elementals. There's also the possibility for decent managers with an increase drop for the manager of the week, so be on the look out.

General Tips and Acquiring New CardsEdit

The best way to acquire new cards over time reliably is to have a strong team and be able to do well in the Colosseum of Despair and being able to beat the champions as well as winning more then you lose in Galaxy Super League. It sounds obvious, but using GP in the Scout Shop is way more reliability then trying to get something good with Crystal Draw.

From my 1 time bulk buying 1200 crystals worth I got 3 5 stars, 1 was guaranteed from mileage, 13 4 stars and the rest 3 stars. I ended up using just 2 of the 5 stars and 1 of the 4 stars, most of the rest got sold for gp/gold. Overall it improved my collection but wasn't worth it ^^; If I could, I spend those crystals on refilling ST most likely or buying penguin matches. A higher level team beats an under leveled but rarer team most of the time. Plus the amount of GP gained wasn't much since it was only 44 cards.

Stats and what they do. If you go to view info between dismiss player and cancel in the formation tab, there's a yellow "?" under Next level up: and between stats and squad bonus. There's a simple chart that says what each stat does.

Basic things, during a battle under auto, there's something called match guide with a checkmark if you click it, there's a game guide that covers

-action bar/turn -defense = steal/block -attack = penetrate/pass/shoot -skill = spirit bar/use skill -ect... the element triangle 25% damage on weaker attribute and the various words that pop up during a match

Superb power up the best 3 star managers mumu and eluel, it increases their passives, making them almost as good as their 5 star counter parts. Example free mode, you may get multiple copies of managers, before you sell the for 9 GP and some gold, you want to consider superb power up which gives 20% of the passive a boost. When maxed, that's a 100% boost to passive so mumu can give +10 pow/stam which is pretty nice considering she's a 3 star, Au71 Caron 10% special scout chance, Eluel 20% exp boost. Note the active skill is lacking a bit but the passive when superb power up is pretty cheap considering a 5 star manager costs 1800 GP.