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Scout is a method to get cards. It is located in the right wing of the menu. Scouting includes the regular Scout, Season Scout, Event Scout as well as Club Scout, each which uses their own currency.


Unlike Draw that use Crystals and Friend Points (FP), scouting uses Glory Points (GP) as its currency. GP are primarily obtained by winning Galaxy League, Colosseum of Despair, Colosseum of Trial and selling 3 star cards or higher (and certain managers), but also but also through achievements and gift box rewards.

Each refresh offers three (two additional slots unlockable by using crystals) random cards of 3-5 stars (including material cards like Penguins, and Legendary players). The player can refresh the lineup once per planet symbol, which charges at the rate of 2 hours (3 times to fully charge).


Rarity Cost
3★ 50
4★ 320
5★ / 6★ (Classic)


3★ Swirly / Elemental


4★ Swirly / Elemental


5★ Swirly / Elemental


Fairies 150
3★ Neris


3★ Kuma / Littre / Beelzebub / Mera


3★ Penguin


4★ Penguin


5★ Penguin


3★ Manager


4★ Manager


5★ Manager


2★ Spirit Stone (Common)


2★ Spirit Stone (Rare)


3★ Spirit Stone (Common)


3★ Spirit Stone (Rare)


4★ Spirit Stone (Common)


4★ Spirit Stone (Rare)


Unique Spirit Stone


Player RecommendationsEdit

  • Most of time you will get bad cards so keep refreshing. Sometimes 5 star cards will appear but don't get frugal if you don't need that card. If you can't get it, refresh. 5 star cards will appear again eventually.
  • Don't bother for 2-3 star cards and rarely buy a 4 star only if you MUST have that card for the deck as your primary goal in scout is to get 5 Stars and Gatekeepers such as Kuma, Littre, and Beelzebub or the special resources; Rainbow Elementals, Black Hole Swirlies, Cupie, Sparky or Klaon.
  • It is recommended to get the gatekeepers which cost 150 GP each (apart from Neris), as their special abilities are used to enhance your most valuable players. They only appear in their 3 star forms; 5 of them are needed to be evolved into 5 star.
    • As of 27th February 2015, 6* Neris can now be sold for 500,000 gold. This makes scouting Neris a viable option although you might need to scout it a number of times.
    • Kuma provides 300,000 EXP as training material. When evolved, he provides 2,000,010 EXP. That is equivalent to almost maxing out a 7 star player.
    • Littre superb power up your players, increasing their stats and giving you an extra skill point, up to 5 points which are enough for to max out a single skill. In their basic form, they can superb 2 to 4 star players. When evolved to 5 star, they can superb 5 to 7 star players.
    • Mera can now be used for special training material, either increasing a player's grade or raising its level cap to 60. 3 star Meras can only be used on 2 to 3 star players while 5-6 star Meras can be used on any grade although it is highly recommended to use it on 5 stars and above.
    • Beelzebub can provide bonus to a player's stats, up to +160 for all stats, equally divided to a cap of +40 for each stat. Keep in mind, only one Beelzebub can be used at a time, meaning that you can't place multiple of them at the same time in the training slots. At it's basic form, Beelzebub provides +5 bonus to a random stat. When evolved, it will provide +7 bonus for each stat, totalling +28 for the four of them.
    • Note: For Kuma and Beelzebub, it is best to wait and collect the necessary amount needed to evolve them, rather that use them in their basic forms. That is because, each 5 star Kuma or Beelzebub is worth more than all of their basic 3 star forms needed to evolve them. And depending on the situation, this can also apply to the other gatekeepers.
  • You might need extra card(s) to perform superb training, so this is a good place.
  • As of January 2015, Spirit Stones can now be scouted with GP.

Season ScoutEdit

Season Scout preview

Season scout

The Season Scout use Season Points instead of GP to buy specific cards:

  • A limited-time Boss Player (three scouts available)
  • A 3☆ Gatekeeper (one scout available)
  • 4☆ and 6☆ Penguins (ten 4☆ and three 6☆ available)
  • 4☆ and 5☆ Swirlies (five 4☆ and three 5☆ available)

In order to obtain points to do the scout, a special stages is open in Space Time Continuum, available the same time the Scout is open. This stage has two difficulties: Hard and Very Hard. The player will get a random amount of points spanning over the ST spent by winning the match along with some minions as reward. The player will gain points regardless of win or loss. These stages against the Boss minions is open from Monday to Friday, and once the weekend comes, the stage will change to a Boss match. During Boss matches, there is a percentage to drop the special Boss as a reward: Hell mode a 3% drop rate and Ultimate mode a 5%. Due to the increased amount of stamina required, the amount of points gained will also increase.

The Season Scouts rotates every two weeks, then resets when a new boss is introduced. There's usually an in-game notice giving a description of the upcoming season. Season Scout resets your Season Points too, so it is advised to use up all Season Points before it resets.

For a list of existing Bosses and Boss minions, refer here.

Club ScoutEdit

In Club Scout the player can obtain Shields, Managers, special rewards and features for their club or club matches, using Club points or Master Points. You can get points by winning club matches. Same as Season scout, you will have certain time to use the points (being 45 days in off season and ). Aside of that, the Master points wont reset in the change of Club season.

Personal ScoutEdit

Personal Scout preview

Personal Scout

The rewards available here are:

  • Player Suit (Equip this to increase the damage you deal in Club matches by 2% for each Power Lv. And to decrease the age you eceive in club matches by 2% for each Power Lv.)
  • Suit power-up Stone (This allows you to power-up the Player Suit. The higher the Suit Lv. has, the more Stones you will need to increase the Power Lv.)
  • Special Managers
  • Premium tickets (10 available every reset.)
  • Battle ball recharge tickeys (20 availab,e every reset. By using this, the battle balls from Colosseum of Despair/Trial will reset to 4.)
  • 100,000 Gold (15 times available every reset.)

Master ScoutEdit

Master Scout preview

Master Scout

The rewards available here are:

  • Check-in reset (10 available every reset. Use this table lecture again the Check-in Club rewards.)
  • Unlimited member selection (5 available every reset. Using this eliminates the waiting time of the friend who has been used on a previous Club match by 24 hours.)
  • Club Ad broadcasting Ticket (10 available every reset. When used, it pop up a message written by you to advertise your Club in all of the Chats, highlighting it in rainbow color.)
  • ReSet invested points (1 available every reset. Using this will give you back all for the points used in the Club buildings to invest them in a new order.)