To Access the sell option, you go to players in the bottom left, 4 options will show up and you click sell located all the way to the right. Selling is the option you have if you wish to sell any characters you own for the reason of not wanting them anymore.


When you sell characters you have the chance of earning GP and gold coins. The amount varies between the stars the characters have, managers amount are different amount, some value more and some value less. If you sell 3 stars are higher cards, you will earn GP starting from the amount of 12 all the way up to 60. Rivals, Boss cards and Special Cards (Beelzebub, Littre, Kuma, Neris, and Mera) only gain gold coins if you sell them, you do NOT gain GP by doing so.


  • If you don't want to accidently sell your valuable players, managers, gate keepers, etc, lock them! Bigball and Com2us will NOT restore any cards or materials accidentally sold.

An example of a locked card.

Player Sell PriceEdit

Rarity           Gp Amount     
3* 12


5* 40
6* 60