Training involves leveling your players and managers to increase their stats. You can train your players through matches to gain XP or by sacrificing Special Cards as training material. Different Special Cards provide different boosts.

Training PlayersEdit

The easiest way to make your players stronger and to improve their performance is to level them up. The stat differences between a unit at level 1 and at max level are enormous. Leveling up your players will also gain them one skill point for every 5 levels.

There are two general ways to level up your players. The first, and the slower method, is to play matches in Story Mode, the Space-Time Continuum, Colosseum or in PVP. Winning AND losing with gain your players XP (Excluding the Support player). During the week there is a Special XP match in the Space Time Continuum that can be played 3 times in a day. If won, the match gives 75,000 XP to your active players (Excluding the Support player) and 10,000 XP to your account rank.

The second method is by feeding them Special Cards, preferably penguins and Kuma. Kuma give the most exp but they are rarer, available mostly from seasonal achievements, gatekeeper matches in Colosseum, and scouting. Penguins give less exp then Kuma but are easier to farm. They can be gained from guerrilla matches that appear at set times throughout the day and week. These matches are only open for an hour each time. There is an in-game scheduler that keep track of various matches, and in how many days:minutes:seconds they begin.

This Schedule may be Outdated. But you can still participate in material matches through the Space Time Continuum.

West / East Attribute Times (PDT)
Sunday / Monday Dark 8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am
Monday / Tuesday Ardor 8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am
Tuesday / Wednesday Thunder 8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am
Wednesday / Thursday  Whirlwind 8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am
Thursday / Friday Light 8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am
Friday / Saturday Random 8am, 2pm, 8pm, 2am
Saturday /Sunday Random 8am, 4pm, 12:00am

Special Cards/MaterialsEdit

Special cards are gained through Purchased matches, Space Time Continuum matches, Friendship draws, scouting, and from gifts or events.

The special cards that can be used for training are Penguins, Fairies, Swirlies, and Gatekeepers. Other cards such as Kuma, Shu Shu, and other players can be used as material too. It is VERY recommended to upgrade your special cards and Kuma's for maximum xp.

Penguins and Kuma (XP Cards)Edit

Evolution (2)

Penguins and players of the same attribute grant additional (1.5x) Exp

Penguins give a large xp boost when used as training material. They receive a 1.5 XP boost when used as material for a player of the same attribute (Ardor-Ardor).

EXP w/ attribute bonus EXP w/o attribute bonus
Shu shu 1,000,010 1,000,010
Kuma (6*) 6,372,000 6,372,000
Kuma (5*) 2,000,010 2,000,010
Kuma (3*) 320,010 320,010
6* penguin 216,015 144,010
5* penguin 60,015 40,010
4* penguin 18,015 12,010
3* penguin 10,815 7,210
Fairy Cards 15 10

Fairies (Special Effect Cards)Edit

Fairies are mainly used as materials for Extreme Evolution. It is not recomended to use these for player training unless you know exactly what you are doing.

  • Cupie (Ardor) - Increases the Teamwork by 5 when used as Training Material. *※ When used as Training Material for Sam or Noa, it increases the Transcendent Power-up value by 5.*This is no longer the case. 
  • Klaon (Whirlwind) - Increases the Clover value by 2 when used as Training Material.
  • Sparky (Thunder) - Changes the Weather Immunity when used as Training Material. ※Will change to something else other than the current immunity. Supergravity, and Heatwave.
  • Rainbow Elemental (Light) - Rainbow Elemental is used for disassembling a player card with Superb Power Up stacks.
  • Black Hole Swirly (Dark) - It grants a guaranteed +4 bonus to a single Stat.

Swirlies (Stat Boost Cards)Edit

Please note that cards can only be boosted to +160 in each stat, in addition to their normal growth.

Swirlies give a chance at boosting a random stat  5-star swirlies are used in Extreme Evolution.


  • Littre - Provides a Superb Power Up when used as training material.
  • Kuma - Has a 3*, 5*, and 6* version. each grants a masssive amount of xp and disregards the attribute bonus.
Kuma Chart
XP Boost Kuma Evolution Materials Gold Cost to Evolve Extra Evolution XP
3* 320,010 Four 3* + One 3* card to be upgraded 96,000
5* 2,000,010 One 5* + Three 3* Cards + One 5* card being upgraded 256,000 399,960
6* 6,372,000 No Evolutions past this 1,411,950
  • Beelzebub - Has a 3*, 5*, and 6* version. The 3* version gives a +5 boost in a random stat. the 5* gives a +7 boost for all stats. The 6* gives a +20 boost for all stats.
Beelzebub Chart
Stat Boost Total Boost Beelzebub Evolution Materials Gold Cost to Evolve
3* +5 in one random stat +5 Four 3* + One 3* card to be upgraded 96,000
5* +7 for all stats +28 One 5* + Three 3* Cards + One 5* card being upgraded 256,000
6* +20 for all stats +80 No Evolutions past this

Training ManagersEdit

The only way to train Sponsors, Trainers, and Scouters, is to dispatch them on missions. A successful mission will gain more xp than a failed on. Each mission has a small chance of being a Big Success granting more XP and rewards.

Leveling Guide And TipsEdit

  • Complete the 4-stamina penguin matches for a lot of experience points and materials. It is relatively easy to do and you may even get 5-star penguins as a reward. The "Very Hard" 8-stamina version is too difficult for most beginners; you will usually run out of time before defeating the penguins if you do not have a proper deck assembled.
  • Don't waste your XP cards on players you do not plan on using. You should save all your xp and training cards for 5* or higher cards you will use later on.
  • You can sell 3-star units for twelve Glory Points (GP) each. It is highly recommended that you sell these 3-star cards instead of sacrificing them as Glory Points are extremely hard to come by.
  • DO NOT use 4* cards as training material either. They can be used to Special Train a different 4* player into a 5* one. This is helpful later on when trying to Special Train your level 5* cards.

Experience TableEdit

Table uses rough estimates measured using various special cards in game. It is unknown if manager cards use the same table

Xp Table by Stars

Level 2* 3* 4* 5* 6* 7*
Lvl 1 to Lvl 10 15,000 25,000 27,000 35,000 40,000 ?
Lvl 1 to Lvl 20 88,000 135,000 180,000 210,00 250,000 ?
Lvl 1 to Lvl 30 Not Possible 410,000 515,000 590,000 705,000 ?
Lvl 1 to Lvl 40 Not Possible Not Possible 900,000 1,240,000 1,530,000 ?
Lvl 1 to Lvl 50 Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible 2,200,000 2,880,000 ?
Lvl 1 to Lvl 60 Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible 4,400,000 ?
Lvl 1 to Lvl 70 Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible 7,691,450